Interview With Doc Martin: A Los Angeles Legend

Doc Martin and Los Angeles go together like Frank Sinatra and New York.

The veteran DJ and producer has been a fixture in the LA house music scene for decades now, and with his unmatched work ethic he’s made his mark all over the U.S. and the world.

Doc Martin will return to Los Angeles to close out 2018 in fine style at Discovery NYE, and we were lucky enough to chat with the maestro about his love for the City of Angels, his plans for 2019 and more.

How was your 2018?

It was a year of falling deeper into the music. We were able to get a monthly off the ground that really went beyond everybody’s expectations in Los Angeles. Also started Sublevel in San Francisco at The Great Northern. We also did a complete belter at Avalon with AMF for Sneaks B-day. Was able to Dj, and do Live at Ocaso (Costa Rica), Breakfast of Champions (SF), Get Lost (Miami), Essential (For Pete Tong Miami), Do Lab w/ Marques Wyatt at (Coachella), DesertHearts (Festival and NYC), Knee Deep in Sound (Vegas), Output NYC w/Laurent Garnier and Francois K, RHA Festival (Mex), Paradise (Ibiza), Grand Park (LA), Electric Forest, Friendship and the Incredible Houghton Festival. Plus, way too many great shows to mention!!!!

Do you have any resolutions heading into 2019?

We want to bring the vibe back to the music. Play longer sets!!! We will continue to do our shows all over the globe as well. We have a lot of great stuff lined up that I don’t want to Jinx. Plus make a ton of new music : )

 What do you love about playing in LA? 

I love the people who come out to the shows!!! The fact that they come out to dance, and the diversity of the crowd. It’s a beautiful thing to see all kinds of people on the dance floor together. I always say that I didn’t choose LA, LA chose me.

After decades in the scene where do you think dance music is heading?

It’s hard to say as I just tend to follow what feels good musically, and play the music that excites me. I’ve always played a bunch of different styles. It’s always been about creating a vibe within different types of music.

You’ve played giant festivals, outdoor parties, warehouses and every other type of venue. What kind of environment do you enjoy playing the most and why?

I really enjoy all these scenarios. I love the freedom of outdoor events. Playing Desert Hearts, Subtract, Electric Forest were all great experiences. Playing Clubs, and Warehouses have been great this year as well. I think the fact that I really love playing makes it all good for me.

Your Sublevel live set has become cornerstone of your shows. What do you enjoy about the live set vs. your DJ sets?

I really enjoy doing Sublevel Live w/ Lillia. It brings a completely different element to the shows. She always does a great show.I get a lot of people saying, I didn’t know these songs were you guys. We are constantly working on new music,and remixes.We have an album ready to go for this year.


What should we expect from Doc Martin in 2019? More music? Big tours?

Lot’s more music for labels like Nervous, Leftroom (UK), Moxy Muzik (UK), and Get Physical. An Album w/Lillia as Sublevel. I will continue my radio show for Pioneer International Radio, now in its 3rd year. I’m already slotted for Fabrics big 20-yr. Anniversary in Oct., as well as Houghton Festival again this year. Basically we will keep pushing those vibes : )


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